200kg Iron/Steel Foundry Machine in Factory Price

200kg Iron/Steel Foundry Machine in Factory Price

Introduction and applicationThis is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequ


Basic Info.
Model NO. GW-0.2T
Input Frequency 50Hz
Input Current 320A
Furnace Body Aluminum Shell
Power Supply Cabinet Kgps-160kw
Output Frequency 0.8kHz
Rated Power 160kw
Input Voltage 380V
Furnace Capacity 200kg
Melting Material Iron, Steel
Transport Package International Export Packing Standard
Specification CE, ISO9001
Trademark Hengyang
Origin China
HS Code 8514200090
Production Capacity 200sets/Month
Product Description
Introduction and applicationThis is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting and is applicable to melting, heating or holding of steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel silver and other ferrous or nonferrous metal and alloy material, as well as heating treatment prior to forging, sintering and tube-bending forming in casting and melting industries.==Main Models And Technical Parameters==
Equipment Type(Furnace capacity)Power input(three-phase four-wire 50/60HZ)Power OutputMelting time (Minutes)Electricity consumption per ton of material (KW)
Equipment power(kw)Incoming line voltage(V)Into the line current(A)Matching transformerDC current(A)DC voltage(V)IF voltage(V)IF frequency(Khz)SteelCopperAluminum

Safety Protection:• Main circuit short circuit protection• Main circuit phase loss protection• Main circuit phase fault protection• SCR over-current protection• SCR overvoltage protection• Cooling water temperature protection• Low water pressure protection• Furnace leakage protection• Intermediate frequency power failure protection• Intermediate frequency electric furnace fault protection rate and increase the life obviouslyFeatures:1.Saving FeaturesAs the heating temperature fast, so very little oxidation, oxidation frequency heating forging burning only 0.5%, gas furnace heating oxidation loss of 2%, 3% of coal-fired furnace, intermediate frequency heating technology and materials, each ton forgings and burning stove saves at least compared to 20-50 kg of steel materials. Its material utilization up to 95%. Since the heating uniform heating, the temperature difference between the minimum core table, so in terms of forging also greatly increases the life of forging dies, forging surface roughness is less than 50um saving technology, frequency heating oil heating proportion of 31.5% ~ 54.3% energy saving, gas heating energy than 5% to 40%. Good heating quality, reduce scrap 1.5%, increase productivity by 10% to 30%, extend tool life by 10% to 15%. 2.Environmental FeaturesWorking environment is superior, to improve the working environment of workers and the company's image, no pollution, low energyInduction furnace and stove,, workers will no longer be compared to the hot sun baked and smoked coal stove, but can reach the targets environmental protection departments, while the external image of the company and establish a future with the forging industry trends.Product Details:Spare part 1:Thyristor Brand: TECHSEM Group and CSR Group, the above two companies are leading thyristor manufacturing industry in ChinaFunction: Stable, have strong ability to resist strong current, durable, not easy to damage Spare part 2:Control circuit boardBrand: Hengyang Furnace, developed by our own R&D TeamFunction: Double tested before production, carefully checking, have a great control on the quality, every customer comment its stablility. Spare part 3:Induction coils Induction coil installs in the central of the furnace, it has spiral body with rectangular empty brass circle around, the pipe center should be cooled with water. Copper bar outside induction coil will connect with water-cooling cable. The lining closes to induction coil, which made by burden, the method you can find in related parts below.Why Choose us?1.Equipped with built-in circulating water cooling system, equipment can be long-term work, no cleaning; will not be damaged furring electrical power components; so-ting long machine life;Other manufacturers require users to directly tap water or groundwater cooling machine power; regularly with detergents water pipe cleaning equipment; and often because of poor water quality, so that equipment, furring channels, resulting in poor heat electrical components being blocked or damaged;2.Configure automatic circuit breaker, with a reliable protection Equipment power supply short circuit, open circuit, lack phase, power outages, discharge, and other circuit abnormalities are able to quickly and automatically cut off the power supply; in a timely manner to the equipment and network protection. To ensure the safety of the production operator. Other manufacturers in general only with simple switch or without. They asked users to protect themselves with a fully functional power distribution equipment. Otherwise, there is short circuit, lack phase, or other circumstances occur. Will be because there is no protection, prone to accidents.However, our equipments carry good protective function even without switch board prepared by the users.3.One of the largest enterprises in the industry in Guangdong We are devoted to independent R&D as well as production. A rich variety of finished products and half-finished products with complete specifications and spare parts enable us to realize fast delivery. In addition, the independent after-sales department will provide follow-up services regularly as to all the products. Furthermore, many of our engineers have been engaged in the industry for over 20 years while 80% of the intermediate-frequency equipment manufacturing companies had not yet been established15 years ago. After-sales service:a. Cooperate with guidance to check the buyer installation work;b. Internal and electrical wiring connections between equipment;c. Site commissioning;, according to the actual equipment adjust to the best state;d. Direct buyer operating personnel to the correct use of operating equipment;e. Guidance on site security considerations;f. To guide the buyer maintenance personnel troubleshooting methods;g. Provide equipment specification;

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