Jul 13, 2023

Khvarena of Good and Evil Walkthrough

Each Sumeru map update has added at least one long World Quest, and this time, Genshin Impact version 3.6 brings us Khvarena of Good and Evil.

If you’ve completed other time-consuming desert quests like Golden Slumber and The Dirge of Bilqis, you’ll know what to expect here.

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You’ll get the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest automatically once you approach the first Teleport Waypoint in the new Girdle of the Sands area – it’s just northwest of the Desert of Hadramaveth.

Dig under the bushes near the Teleport Waypoint to find a drum with the Cryo symbol on it. Bring it to Sumeru’s Katheryne and she’ll tell you that it’s linked to an Akademiya commission before sending you off to meet a tribe in the desert.

Go to the Temir Mountains to make contact with the Nagarjunites. Follow the quest markers along the road near the Teleport Waypoint from earlier. You’ll meet Pyrrho, a member of the Order of Skeptics, but the conversation will turn into a fight.

After you’ve won, you’ll be interrupted by a Pari named Sorush. Follow her as she takes you to her leader, and defeat the monsters along the way. When you reach a bunch of Gray Crystals blocking the path, Sorush will teach you how to clear them out.

You’ll meet a man named Nasejuna at the next quest marker, and at the end of this conversation, you’ll be able to use Sorush as a gadget to solve puzzles around the new Girdle of the Sands map.

Go to the next quest marker to the north to have another conversation about the next course of action. Now, head west to reach the path that leads to the Vourukasha Oasis. Eventually, you’ll reach some sort of crystallized Wenut.

Continue past it, along the path, until you reach the oasis located next to a Statue of the Seven. Then, look for Zurvan near the base of the giant tree. This little chat will bring an end to the first part of the quest.

Completion Rewards:

Two new sub-quests will show up underneath the main Khvarena of Good and Evil quest – Asipattravana Itihasa and Awakening’s Real Sound. The former is closer, so we’ll do that one first. Teleport to the Asipattravana Swamp to get started. Your goal here is to find another Pari named Mihir.

Equip Sorush as a gadget in your menu, then interact with the Khvarena as it floats down to the root in front of you. Switch to Sorush and use her skill to power the glowing, green branch in the distance.

Defiled entities (the purple orbs) will appear in the swamp water below, so you’ll need to gather Nirodha Fruits as Sorush to destroy them. Use her skill on the nearby fruit, circled below, to enter a sort of bomb-dropping mini-game. Fly directly above the entities and drop the fruits on each one to clear the mist.

Swap back to your regular party and follow the Khvarena to the next mist spot. You’ll need to repeat these steps again to get to your destination. Here’s a screenshot of the next branch and Nirodha Fruit:

From here, follow the quest markers until you reach Mihir, who is trapped in the same purple mist you’ve been dealing with. Use the same methods as before to free her.

This time, after interacting with the branch, monsters will spawn instead of defiled entities – defeat them, then talk to Mihir to escort her to the next quest marker. This sub-quest will come to an end after you speak to Mihir again, back at the Vourukasha Oasis.

Completion Rewards:

This time, we’re going to the Hills of Barsom to look for a Pari named Rashnu. Approach the giant tree with the pink petals to start this sub-quest. Nasejuna will be waiting for you on top of the hill. Follow the quest markers to get to the location he mentions in conversation.

You’ll get attacked by Rifthounds near the entrance to a cave. Once you’ve won the fight, interact with the nearby Khvarena to get past the Gray Crystal blocking the path.

The path will lead to a room full of sand piles, so use an Anemo character to uncover what’s buried beneath the sand. You’ll find the Dendro Drum – just like the Cryo one at the beginning of the quest – along with a map marking the locations of three other drums.

First, you’ll need to find and record the scores for each drum. Thankfully, they’re all marked on your map, and the closest one is just above your current location. The scores look like green paint on the wall.

All of the scores are close to each other on different sides of the huge tree in the middle of the Hills of Barsom.

After you’ve recorded all five drum scores, you’ll need to find the actual drums. The drums are also marked on your map, but they’re far more spread out than the scores were. The closest drum is to the east, near the Hills of Barsom.

Walk along the marked path until you get to a cave filled with water. Your goal here is to lower the water level by solving a puzzle with the Soul Bell and special Four-Leaf Sigil. Sorush can use her skill to move special Four-Leaf Sigils around, helping you complete the puzzle.

When you hit the bell, green particles will appear in the air. Use Sorush to move the Four-Leaf Sigil and collect them all before time runs out. The particles will appear in a straight line, so move the sigil to the end of the line to fly through all of them.

The second Soul Bell will have you go through the same process. Ring the bell, then place the Four-Leaf Sigil between the two lines of particles that appear. You should be able to zip up through the first line using the sigil, then float down through the second line.

The third and final Soul Bell will have you use a regular Four-Leaf Sigil as well as the special one. Position the special sigil so that you can fly through the first line of particles, then float down to use the normal sigil and collect the second line of particles.

When the water level drops again, walk along the pathway on the ground floor to find the Hydro Drum at the quest marker.

The next drum is southwest of here, near the Statue of the Seven at Vourukasha Oasis. Teleport to the statue and jump down into the canyon to start the Electro Drum test.

Thankfully, there’s no puzzle here – instead, you’ll need to complete a combat challenge. Ring the Soul Bell, then defeat all of the Electro enemies within the given time limit. Pyro, Dendro, or Cryo teams work best for this test.

The drum is in plain sight when you enter the room and you’ll be able to grab it after you’ve finished the Soul Bell combat trial.

The final drum can be found on the west side of the map, at the Gate of Zulqarnain. For this puzzle, you’ll need to light up seven Bright Flame Altars within a short time limit. Ring the Soul Bell to obtain a seed of fire, then walk up to the altars to automatically light them.

If you can’t find the altars within the time limit, Sorush will help you the next time you try. She’ll lead you to each altar, one by one.

Pick up the drum at the quest marker to finish up this part of the sub-quest. Then, return to the Hills of Barsom to put all of the drums back in their rightful spots around the giant tree.

Now that you’ve placed the elemental drums, it’s time to actually play them. You can check the score for a drum when standing in front of it – each drum needs to be played by using a mix of normal attacks and plunge attacks.

When you start playing, you’ll be able to just jump normally for a plunge attack, so you don’t need any Anemo characters here.

Hit the drums whenever they light up to play the scores. Sometimes, you’ll also need to wait and skip hitting the drum, even when it lights up. These are the scores for each drum, going clockwise around the large tree:

Rashnu will appear after the performance, and this part of the quest will end once you return to the Vourukasha Oasis.

Completion Rewards:

Speak to Zurvan at the Vourukasha Oasis to begin the next part of the quest. Sorush will receive the Twin-Horned Chaplet, giving her an updated look and new powers. Now, go to Sunyata Lake and use Sorush to touch the Great Khvarena inside the barrier using her skill.

Return to the Temir Mountains and talk to Nasejuna to start your search for three Great Songs of Khvarena. Each song is tied to a new sub-quest, so we’ll be splitting them up below and going through them one by one.

We’ll go down the list of sub-quests in the order that they appear in the quest menu. First up is the Samudaya song, located in the Asipattravana Swamp to the far east. Return to the area where you found the Hydro Drum to get started.

Follow the quest markers until you reach a barrier. Switch to Sorush, then hold her skill to keep her in place while you walk through the newly opened path.

Switch back to Sorush once you’re standing next to the Great Song of Khvarena at the back of the room. Interact with the Great Khvarena to finish up this quick sub-quest.

Completion Rewards:

The Dukkha Great Song is located between the Gate of Zulqarnain and Tunigi Hollow, on the west side of the map. Follow the markers past the crystallized Wenut that we saw earlier in the quest.

You’ll find the Great Song waiting at the end of the path. There’s nothing stopping you from collecting this one, so interact with it as Sorush to end the sub-quest.

Completion Rewards:

The Nirodha Great Song is much trickier to obtain – it’s inside a Khaenri’ahn ruin, west of the Asipattravana Swamp. Get ready to solve some puzzles. When you get to the first marker, Sorush will automatically dispel a large barrier in a short scene. This’ll unlock a new area to explore, along with a new Teleport Waypoint.

You’ll soon come to a mechanical gate, and Nasejuna will give you clues about how to open it using the nearby Rune Mechanism. But don’t worry about that – we’ve got the solution right here:

This is where the real puzzles start popping up. After the conversation with Nasejuna, turn around and head through the open door to search for an Energy Block – the small, yellow items that often appear inside Ruin Golems and other similar machines.

The door will shut behind you, but that’s not a problem. You’ll find another way out.

When you hit a fork in the path, head right, through the water, to find a Khvarena that you can use to get rid of the Gray Crystal in the room. Be careful, though, because the Rifthounds will attack as they get set free.

Follow the Khvarena back up to the door on the left side of the image below to clear the crystal and open it up.

The Energy Block you’re looking for is inside a marked chest in the next room. Pick it up, then continue to follow the Khvarena until you reach another Rune Mechanism gate like the one at the entrance to this area.

This is the solution for opening up this gate:

Follow the Khvarena into the next room, but be ready to fight two Ruin Guards that wake up as you approach. After the fight, you’ll be back in the same room as Nasejuna. Place the Energy Block in the machine to progress.

Walk back through the door you came in from to find another new mechanic tutorial. Rotate the Mixer next to you to get the power flowing along the line on the ground. Then, head to the next quest marker to find a large puzzle room.

You’ll need to clear out all of the Gray Crystal in this room to complete the puzzle. First off, start by following the two Seelies in the room – they’ll bring you to Farrwicks, which are essentially Khvarena that you can pick up and place manually.

I took the following screenshot while standing opposite the room’s entrance. Here’s where to look for the two Seelies:

Once you’ve found the two Farrwicks using the Seelies, this is how you want to set up the room to solve the puzzle. Place the Farrwicks in these spots, then rotate the Mixers so that they’re facing the directions that the arrows are pointing:

Head through the door and make your way to the marked switch. It’s sitting in the center of a room that will clearly be used for combat. Hit the switch, then defeat all of the Ruin enemies that appear.

When the machine fires its beam at you in between enemy waves, walk over to the green orbs on the floor to protect yourself with a Khvarena Barrier. Sorush will automatically use her power to help you out.

After you defeat the Drake, you’ll be able to use the Ruin Cannon in the middle of the room to fire at the huge core on the wall in the distance. Aim for the three corners of the core’s triangular barrier, then shoot the core itself when the barrier goes down.

Walk up to the marker underneath the core’s wall after it’s destroyed. You’ll find a Luxurious Chest along with the third Great Song of Khvarena.

Completion Rewards:

The final song is located at the Gate of Zulqarnain, so teleport over to the area and follow the quest markers once again. You’ll need to pass by the new Iniquitous Baptist boss to get to your destination, but you can avoid the fight by circling the outside of the arena.

Nasejuna will open up a door leading to another hidden area with a new Teleport Waypoint. Use Sorush to open up the barrier blocking your path as you follow the quest markers.

Pick up the one Farrwick in the room, and place it next to the generator closest to the Teleport Waypoint. Then, move the nearby Mixer from the Farrwick’s original location so that it can power the door on the left side of the image below.

This is what the room should look like after the steps above:

Head through the door and follow the path, past a group of Hilichurls, until you find a Seelie on an elevated walkway. Follow it to find another group of Hilichurls sitting near a round, yellow switch. Defeat the enemies and activate the switch to drop down to the area below.

Then, flip the next switch near a body of water to lower the water level. This’ll allow you to pick up the next Farrwick and bring it back to the original room with Teleport Waypoint in it.

The path back to the waypoint room will be revealed after the water level drops – it’s to the right of the switch in the image below.

Now, you’ll need to place the two Farrwicks next to the currently crystallized generators. The one that you used to enter the first door is no longer needed.

So, you’ll need to adjust the positions of the original Farrwick and Mixer to open the door on the other side of the room. This is what the room should look like to get the other door open:

Go through the door and walk along the path, past another group of Hilichuirls, until you reach a room with a large furnace inside.

Defeat them all to open up a door on the top floor and find the third and final Farrwick for the puzzle in the first room. You can follow the Seelie in the Farrwick room to find a new way back.

Return to the first room with the Farrwick and place it next to the generator that you used to open up the first door. Then, move and rotate the Mixers to power the three Energy Receivers in the middle of the room.

Each Farrwick should be next to a generator and the two Mixers should be right next to Energy Receivers on opposite sides of the room. Here’s what the room should look like now:

Your final task in this room is to activate the central device. Use the Anemo pillar near the back wall to glide up to the second floor. The controls up here are just like the mechanical gates from earlier.

Turn right and go to the control device pictured below. Here’s the solution for the puzzle:

The central device will light up in a cutscene, giving you access to the elevator in the center of the room. Take it down to reach a room full of Ruin enemies. Defeat all of the waves as the floor descends to gain access to the final Great Song of Kvarena.

After you’ve finally obtained your prize, Nasejuna Tap to Reveal. Be prepared for a fight against a Hydro Abyss Herald. This relatively long section of the quest will end right after the fight.

Completion Rewards:

Return to the Vourukasha Oasis to cheer up Sorush and speak with Zurvan. Now, head to Tunigi Hollow to follow Zurvan’s instructions, where you’ll meet up with Rashnu and Mihir again.

Place the Great Songs of Khvarena around the perimeter of Tunigi Hollow to restore it to its rightful state. Two of the slots are corroded, which means you’ll need to zip up using Four-Leaf-Sigils to destroy the sources of corrosion.

Return to Mihir after placing the Great Songs, then follow Sorush as she moves from tree to tree. Be ready to fight a few Rifthounds and Abyss Mages that appear during this process. Protect the trees from the enemies to proceed.

After the three Pari purify the area, you’ll receive rewards before starting up the second half of The Hymn of Tir Yazad.

Completion Rewards:

Jump into the middle of Tunigi Hollow now that it’s purified – it’s time to start up another fetch quest. You have to enter three Defiled Chambers to collect three Spenta Hearts before this quest can come to an end.

Unlock the nearby Teleport Waypoint, then make your way to the lowest chamber using the nearby Four-Leaf Sigils.Use the Khvarena found close to the chamber entrances to remove the Gray Crystal, allowing you to enter.

You’ll need to use Sorush often inside the Defiled Chambers. She can move special Four-Leaf Sigils, destroy the purple eye-like turrets, and even reveal invisible rocks or walkways. If you hold down her skill, she’ll make sure those invisible platforms stay visible.

Switch to her to create paths along the rock that lead to the bright, shining Spenta Hearts. Each chamber is relatively similar, except for the final one.

The final chamber is a maze, which is a bit tedious to navigate, but you can fly up into the sky as Sorush to cheat. Look down at the maze from above to find the locations of the Spenta Hearts and the exit.

Whenever you see the little, green Khvarena, you’ll also find a Spenta Heart. Once you have both hearts, enter the light found at the center of the maze.

Go back down to the ground floor after exiting the Defiled Chamber. Interact with the floating energy in the middle of the room to start the final combat challenge. Defeat the Rifthounds and Abyss Mages while defending the Flower of Sanctity.

After the battle, a tree will bloom and you’ll have a short chat with Zurvan. Head back to Sumeru City and speak with Katheryne to bring this long quest to an end.

Completion Rewards:

Congratulations on finishing the longest quest in the Girdle of the Sands. You can now access the hidden underground areas along with all of the Teleport Waypoints. And, as an added bonus, you’ve solved a huge environmental issue by closing up a tear in the sky.